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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The World's First SmartCell Pod System and The world's longest-lasting cartridge —Vapgo Xero Nano open system.

by UmarUsman 29 Jan 2024
The World's First SmartCell Pod System and The world's longest-lasting cartridge —Vapgo Xero Nano open system.

The World's First SmartCell Pod System and The world's longest-lasting cartridge —Vapgo Xero Nano open system. 

Vapgo, a pioneer in the vaping industry, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking new product — the Vapgo Xero Nano Open System. This open pod system is The world's first smartcell pod system with a multi-mesh coil inside, featuring one pod with variable resistance, offering an unparalleled vaping experience.


Highlighting Key Features:

1. World's First Smartcell Pod System With a Multi-Mesh Coil Inside, Featuring One Pod With Variable Resistance:

Unparalleled Coil Longevity with 300% Extended Life Compared to Regular Coils, Versatility with One Coil Adaptable to Various Wattage

2. What’s Multi-Mesh Coil?

The Xero Nano cartridge features a multi-mesh coil, offering two resistance options for different power settings. At a resistance of 0.8 ohms, the power is set to 12 watts, with the multi-mesh coil working in rotation. When the resistance is 0.4 ohms, the power increases to 24 watts, and the multi-mesh coils working in parallel. This design allows users to experience two distinct atomization effects using the same cartridge.

3.The world's longest-lasting cartridge, offering a 300% extended life:

The Xero Nano cartridge, featuring a multi-mesh coil in one pod, can be refilled up to 40 times and has a lifespan of up to 30 days. which is three times longer than that of other coils

4. Portable Design:

Experience Effortless Portability:Portable Design e-Cigarette For Vaping On The Go.

5.Adjustable Airflow :

Slide Up And Down To Adjust The Airflow. Easy To Use, Catering To Personalized Smoke Volume Needs.

6.One Recharge Offers Prolonged Vaping Time:

The Xero Nano Comes With a Robust 800mah Battery, Guaranteeing Enduring Performance For All-Day Vaping Without The Need For Frequent Recharging.

7.Child Lock:

Press The Button Four Times Within 2 Seconds To Turn The Child Lock On And Off

8.Smart Screen:

Precisely displaying battery level, wattage, resistance, and every puff duration, this smart screen ensures every experience is under your control.

The introduction of the Vapgo Xero Nano Open System not only showcases Vapgo's leadership in vaping technology innovation but also reaffirms our commitment to providing safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly vaping solutions.

We believe the Vapgo Xero Nano Open System will bring unprecedented convenience and satisfaction to vaping enthusiasts. Experience this revolutionary product and embark on a unique vaping journey.

Market Positioning and Customer Feedback:

Vapgo deeply understands its target market — smokers who seek high quality, advanced technology, and personalized experiences. The design and features of the Xero Nano are the result of profound insights into this group. We continuously optimize our products by interacting with users, collecting feedback, and analyzing market trends, striving to meet and exceed customer expectations.

The Journey of Innovation Continues:

The launch of the Xero Nano is not only a testament to Vapgo's commitment to technological innovation, but also a symbol of our ongoing pursuit of perfection.

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